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    my battle tam

    New Member

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    Favourite Pokémon : Dialga

    Empty my battle tam

    Post by Lokowun on Sat 12 Jun 2010, 12:04 am

    i got a sceptile lvl 56, absol lvl 46, shaymin lvl 47, wailord lvl 46, hitmonchan lvl 38 and a dialga lvl 57!!! im trying to lvl them up to 100 so next time you see me ill be powerful !!!!!

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    Empty Re: my battle tam

    Post by MewMaster on Tue 13 Jul 2010, 5:35 pm

    my team is

    lvl 100 dragonite
    lvl 94 ninetails
    lvl 70 dragonite
    lvl 67 latios
    lvl 62 mespirit
    lvl 35 meganium/ i switch my last pokemon to train alot so this is current Very Happy

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