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    Why Is the Question

    Fail King
    Fail King

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    Empty Why Is the Question

    Post by Registeel on Fri 28 May 2010, 4:44 am

    Why is everyone still sticking around at this forum? The only reason im here is cause I get to chat to the members.
    Darkrai custom rank
    Darkrai custom rank

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    Empty Re: Why Is the Question

    Post by Darkrai on Sun 30 May 2010, 7:34 am

    get to your senses we are gonna bring this forum back, no matter what!

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    Empty Re: Why Is the Question

    Post by Undefeatedpure on Sun 30 May 2010, 7:57 am

    -fun ppl 2 chat with
    -fun 2 think of new ways 2 improve
    -good all round pokemon talk
    -we talk about whats up and coming (world cup)
    -and more i cant remember.

    PPL are still joining from the indigo forums. I just accepted 5 more. Very Happy



    Love the Card, love the pokes.

    Cant touch this
    Senior Member

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    Favourite Pokémon : Tyranitar

    Empty Re: Why Is the Question

    Post by Marinator on Mon 31 May 2010, 2:24 am

    It gives me something to do when on he computer.
    Talk to friends


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    Empty Re: Why Is the Question

    Post by Sponsored content

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