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    Breeding: A Comphrehensive Guide


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    Empty Breeding: A Comphrehensive Guide

    Post by Undefeatedpure on Fri 25 Dec 2009, 9:11 am

    Ok, breeding is unique to pokemonlake. That means if you somehow lose your first copy of a pokemon, if you were smart enough to breed it, then you would have minimum consequences.

    Well, anyways, back 2 the topic:
    Breeding is the method of 2 pokemon producing an offspring via an unknown process.
    It allows you to breed an offspring of EITHER THE MALE/FEMALE PARENT!!!1

    A good thing about it is, that you can breed moves to the offspring, so you save 20k of money that could be invested in Masterballs instead of teaching the babies their attacks.

    Go to the daycare center on any map, then select two pokemon you want to breed.
    After 6 hours (approximately), you will receive AT RANDOM one of the pokemon you chose to breed (at lv 5) with either parent's moves.

    Why breed, you say. Its only useful for making copies of pokemon, but its not really practical to train them again.

    Well........ heres an example.
    I bred my lv 100 shiny charizard with 256 hp with another shiny charizard with 254 hp.
    The result was a shiny charmander that when trained to lv 100 and evolved into a charizard with 312 hp. So breeding can increase your pokemon's base HP, a good trait for any trainer in an environment with tournaments with great prizes (legend of choice last time i played).

    Here's a really good trick to do with breeding:
    Take care of 10 pokemon in the Center (guide here: will be produced later)
    Then go to the Secret Area map, and catch a fusion poke there (eg:dialka, pikebi,eeveebi)
    Breed with the desired pokemon you want, then wait.
    Usually, with normal pokemon, it is a 50/50 chance of getting either pokemon.
    However, with fusions, it is a rate of 80/20 (20 being fusion). THIS HAS BEEN TESTED!

    Hope you understand more about breeding in Lake now. (not that there was much 2 understand in the 1st place Razz)



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