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    Forum Rules


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    Empty Forum Rules

    Post by MewtwoMaster on Sat 28 Nov 2009, 10:09 am

    1. No double posting
    Ok this means that you don't post again after you have already posted. EXCEPT when 24 hours have passed.
    2. You can not create more than 3 topics a day
    Easy enough just don't post more than 3 topics a day.
    3. No spamming
    Ok this means 2 things.
    1. Don't write posts wich have less than 3 words.
    2. Don't post a lot a day, for example 50 posts a day would be concided as spamming.
    4. No swearing and flaming
    Swearing, cursing not aloud.
    5. Do not post illegal stuff
    Most comonly music or illegal sites.
    6. Do not post pornagraphic materials
    You know what i mean.
    7. Off-topic is only allowed in "Post Anything" section
    Off-topic in other sections will be punished.
    8. No multiple accounts
    You can only have one account at the same time.
    9. Do not ask for a staff member status.
    Asking repediatley you will just reduce your chances to become a staff member.
    10. Respect the staff.
    Staff stads higher than regular members. Remember that.

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