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    We got reviewed!

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    Empty We got reviewed!

    Post by FlamingToaster on Wed 07 Oct 2009, 9:09 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    Ok i was on the help forum and asked if our forum could be reviewed and today it was!

    Nacho wrote:
    Your Forum Review
    Pokemon Final Legendaries Clan ForumE


    1. First Impressions (Score: 20/20): Wow, I really liked it! The colors match very well, and the banner looks nice. The nav bar you placed at the footer looks awesome! And that notifier made me feel welcome. Very good job!
    2. Categories & Forums (Score: 8/10): The quantity of categories is okay, but I'd add more sections for the Pokemon section. And forum pictures, as well: they would look great on your forum.
      What you should also do is work on the grammar, here are some mistakes I've found:
      "You may post anything you like if it's doesn't belong to any thread - You may mean section -."
      "Here you may ask for pokemon or give other trainers pokemon." -What!?
      "Here is where the clan updates are found." Don't you mean "Here it is"?

    Generalities total: 28/30

    Forum Style

    1. Banner & Navigation Bar (Score: 9/10):
      It looks very good, the colors, the shapes, the drawings. But the font just looks very simple, you could make it even with paint. Add some efects and some gloss to it and it's look perfect. And please use another colors, I cannot read what it says.
      Navigation Bar
      You don't use buttons but a full nav bar at the left. It looks simple but nice at the same time, doesn't need to be changed.
    2. Forum Layout & Color Scheme (Score: 10/10):
      The colors match smoothly, you made a very good job using black and orange, it caused me a very good first impression.
    3. Images & Icons (Score: 10/10): The "New posts - No new posts", "Who's online", "Birthday" (...) are very nice, I really liked them because they match with the forum's theme. Also the ranks and buttoms are smooth. But I repeat, you should add forum pictures.

    Style total: 29/30

    Population & Groups

    1. Staff Population (Score: 7/10): There are 3 administrators, right? Too much for only 100 members, there should be only 1 admin, 2 max. And it seems a guy called "Registeel" was administrator: you must not give everyone administrator's allowment.
    2. Staff Groups / User Groups (Score: 10/10): Admins, Global Mods, Mods, Graphics. Conventional style. There is the perfect quantity of groups.

    Usergroup total: 17/20

    Forum Activity

    1. Post/Member Ratio & Quantity (Score: 8/10): 100 members, 1000 posts. That shows 10 posts per user, very good. Remember to keep posting updates, news, tips, tuts... everyday.
    2. Users Active (Score: 6/10): Not very good, only staff seems to post there. You must encourage your users to leave replies, like using the [hide] method.

    Activity total: 14/20

    Overall Mark: 88/100


    You have a very nice forum but you should work on the advertisement and the activity.
    What could be done to improve your forum:
    What I suggested avobe
    The best thing I like about your forum:
    The colors
    Great work, and best of luck to you and your forum!
    I think that's a far review. I've started to implement the changes Nacho suggested and hopefully we will get a better score next review.

    We got reviewed! - Page 4 Yj9he3p

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    Empty Re: We got reviewed!

    Post by MewtwoMaster on Wed 18 Nov 2009, 6:30 am

    well, any ideas? Wink

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