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    Hall of Fame.

    Fail King
    Fail King

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    Empty Hall of Fame.

    Post by Registeel on Tue 07 Sep 2010, 5:15 am



    So, I thought I should make a Hall of Fame, were important people of the forum are recognised and thanked for there efforts.

    So if you like to apply, just tell me why you think you should be in it, and extra reasons etc, and I shall choose if you get in.

    Naturally I will apply and get accepted straight away, but I will list my efforts.

    I Registeel, first of all, have been on this forum as long as the beginning of time. And through thick and thin, I have stayed truthful, and spammed the cock out of it.

    So, some achievements; I have special protection from the Admins which ultimately gives me lee-way to fuck shit up, while others will get banned.

    I have been a moderator and admin many times. I managed to crack an admins account and change the banner into a monkey licking it's cock, but then I found out Marinator did that.

    I have been the best spammer ever, but wait..

    I am the only person on this forum that has managed to crack 3 peoples brains.

    elitehackers, Miguels and Darkrai's, and this is a hefty achievement to be proud of indeed. And, I actually made Marinator admin, I gave up my position, made people vote for him and cracked Miguel in the process.

    I should be haled as a god and all should kiss my chicken.

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